Founded in 1992, Templeman Design are multi-disciplinary design consultants who can facilitate any type of construction project, working from preliminary feasibility and concept design stages through to detailing, project management and completion.

We are based in London, Cambridge and King’s Lynn, with a diverse range of clients from supporting individual companies, private individuals and organisations through to public sector authorities such as education, healthcare, local authorities and the MOD. The majority of projects are between £100,000 and £10 million, and we are well known for our capabilities within the Defence Sector. We have successfully completed projects throughout the UK and act as a single point of contact to maintain this achievement.

Our experience of architectural practice has allowed us to develop a responsive and perceptive way of working with and of thinking about buildings. Our holistic approach to the business of architecture, combined with a varied portfolio of work, has given us the opportunity to design buildings of quality, to the highest standards of design. We believe that the design should be thoroughly researched, well resolved through rigorous discussion responding to each client and their site’s individual requirements, to produce simple and elegant solutions within financial and time constraints.

We pride ourselves on providing a holistic approach to the process of designing and making buildings, where our personnel services thrive on the challenge of meeting our client’s expectations in design, quality and time.