Para 55. Pott Row Norfolk

Client: Confidential 
 Pott Row Norfolk
Involvement: RIBA Stage 1-2
Type: New Build
Value: Confidential
Contract Type: TBC
Contractor: TBC

Para 55. at Pott Row Norfolk is a unique design that uses traditional materials to respect and harmonises with the conventional style of architecture that prevails in the village, while providing a contemporary home.  The setting itself is unique and the scheme respects the setting by folding around the existing walled garden, with the overall building mass being broken down into two key areas for living and sleeping.

During the design development, the overall building form has resulted in three volumes or ‘wings’, which emerged through a series of sketches. This rationalised the client requirements, understanding of the site’s constraints, resulting in a strong and interesting project narrative.  An important feature of the design, and for the owners, is a tree located between the original outbuilding and walled garden. The orientation and views from within the living and circulation spaces focus on this point. This point of connection forced the rear ‘living wing’ to become disconnected from the north ‘sleeping wing’ creating a third volume. This resulted in a north wing for sleeping, south wing for living, and a wing replacing the original outbuilding giving a nod to the site’s former use, which later became the master suite. The three volumes or ‘wings’ are all linked via a low rise contemporary structure, in a different material to reduce the overall building mass.

Private spaces, sleeping, have been positioned to the north, and designed to respect surrounding properties to avoid outlooking and ensure that no demonstrable harm is caused by overlooking or overshadowing. Bedrooms in the north block have been positioned on the east side for morning sunlight and to prevent over heating during the day. Semi private spaces, living, have been positioned to the rear to take full benefit of views and the southern aspect of the garden. The outbuilding, which is to be replaced, will become the master suite and has been positioned to take full benefit of the rear garden views and morning sunlight.